Hoover zoning board recommends rezoning for new Alabama 119 shopping center



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Alabama 119 shopping center

I guess I shouldn't bother taking 119 from Pelham to 280, anymore! The traffic will be even more torture than it is now now!

Ya know, I did NOT come down here to Alabama to bring 'northern values' to this beautiful state.

And, I CERTAINLY did not come down here to Alabama just to have to put up with the traffic I left behind in the liberal northeast.

Unless - and until - something extraordinary is done to relive the congestion on Highway 280, all of us who drive that monster will have to begin leaving earlier and earlier for work. Looks like working the night shift is looking better all the time.

Mayor Bell and others - are YOU listening??? Will you EVER listen?

- ExpatNJ (expatriate from New Jersey).

ExpatNJ more than 1 year ago

Not needed

Just building to build. Just go put your office space in the empty spaces where McAlisters used to be. That shopping center has vacancies and it's just across the street. Also, we don't need more traffic there... use the space that is vacant !

GWH more than 1 year ago

June 2018