DAR representative discusses improvements to David Lindsay burial site



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Make that my Great Great Grandad

High road earlier today about the DA are seeking to upgrade marker for David Lindsay and Rapids dam is my great great Uncle. In fact apparently with my great great granddaddy and I misspoke. Please pass along to the DAR that I wish them well and feel free to share my contact information with them

L Kenneth Crowe Jr 298 days ago

Thanks for your article on my Great Great Uncle David Lindsay

At-least I assume the correct title for this relationship his Great Great Uncle I did the DNA testing through ancestry.com and received the following email from a Ms. Ocon:

Hi there!
As I was looking through my DNA cousins with the surname Lovelady, I came across you. Your great grandparents birth dates are
Bluthie Lovelady 21 Aug 1905
Wordner Bryan Crowe 20 Jan 1900

We are related through Bluthie. As you trace her back, you'll find a 6th or 7th great grandparents named David Elijah Lindsey and Mary Mollie Casey. Their daughter Rachel Lovelady married William Morgan Lovelady and eventually Bluthie was born down the line.

David Elijah Lindsey was a Revolutionary War hero. The Shelby Alabama Chapter of the DAR is named for him. His & Mollie Casey's graves have a historical marker along Hwy. 17 in Shelby.

L Kenneth Crowe Jr 298 days ago

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