Hoover mayor seeks partnership with council to solve financial challenges



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When will Hoover go bankrupt ... ?

... because, it's no longer a question of if, or how. Let's count the ways, shall we?

147 MILLION DOLLARS in budget (hooveral 'dot' org/DocumentCenter/View/1569)
65 MILLION DOLLARS in bonds (hooveral 'dot' org/DocumentCenter/View/1925)

How can a city of just 90 THOUSAND inhabitants achieve a debt of over TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS ???!!! That's more than 2 THOUSAND DOLLARS per person. Are "Fourth of July Celebrations" and "Parks & Recreation" (among others) worth that?

How will Paul Braswell sell his home when prospective buyers pass it by because Hoover's Property/Sales Taxes, Fees, Fines, and Permits, are too high? How will he sell his home after Hoover becomes a ghost town because it went into receivership like Detroit?

Paul - and every Hoover homeowner - should remember this: you do NOT own your home. Hoover owns it. And, the Sheriff will come and TAKE YOUR HOME AND THROW YOU OUT OF IT, if you can't pay your Property Taxes.

Municipal employees and teachers need to be worried too, because they won't have a pension in their old age after Hoover goes bankrupt.

It's simple: Hoover - and ALL municipal and state government - needs to tighten its belt and go on a fiscal diet.

American Colonists fought a war up north partly over Taxation. Based on numbers above, if BIG CUTS are not made - RIGHT NOW - the next Revolutionary War could happen all over again. But, this time, it will start in the bedroom community of Hoover.

Ramone Babek more than 1 year ago

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