Sales tax increase proposed to help Chelsea school



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I would like for someone to review the amount of money coming into Chelsea at this time to see if a new tax is warranted. Every time something needs attention you want to raise taxes. Be creative and come up with other ideas. Stop taking away from the people trying to make a living.

Ricky Smith more than 1 year ago

School tax

I am in favor of the tax because I feel children are our future. Three elementary schools currently feed into Chelsea Middle and High School. It just seems another middle/high school is inevitable, but where?

Kathy more than 1 year ago

Proposed Chelsea Tax Increase

The increased need for resources in our schools should logically be matched by the increased population in Chelsea and the surrounding area. This results in correspondingly increased sales tax revenue for the city. We need sound, disciplined fiscal planning for school projects, not a continued upward spiral in taxation.

Jim 362 days ago

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