Mascot to mutts: Local vet bleeds orange and blue



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Response to "Local vet bleeds Orange and Blue"

So he hit a baseball into the Alabama dougout and is proud of that? Wonder how he would feel if a Bama Mascot hit a baseball into his son's dougout??? Or if anyone, regardless of school affiliation, did that... I think I'll take my dog, A.J., to another vet. Don't want to risk Sokol calling him the wrong name. In fact, I'm calling on all UA Alumni to take their pets somewhere else besides to this place. Anyone know of a good MSU or UK vet??? more than 5 years ago

Reading comprehension...

He didn't hit the ball into the dugout. He threw the ball in the air and swung the bat like he was was going to hit the ball, but never made contact. Grow a sense of humor.

Pete more than 5 years ago

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