Hoover school board considers $20,000 raise, longevity incentive for Superintendent Kathy Murphy



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Not so Superindendent

How can anyone rationalize just ONE employee of ONE school district in ONE state earning a higher salary than any other employee of the same state - including the Governor?

ballotpedia 'dot' org/Alabama_state_government_salary

Prey tell, just WHAT does Ms. Murphy bring to the table? What qualifications - and more importantly, real-world experience - can she document?

As for me, I'm a Scientist from the Pharmaceutical and Personal/Household Products Industries. I hold a number of USA and International Patents, and contributed to the financial success of not one but two, Fotune-500 multi-national corporations. I successfully led multi-disciplinary teams for Technology Transfer, and been a Science Educator. I could go on, but I'm not here to toot my own horn.

"I am absolutely committed to Hoover City Schools", she said.

Sure, it's easy to be committed to anything when you're being paid a quarter of a million dollars a year.

"It would cost a lot of money and time to have to find a new superintendent, Kelley said."

I offer to perform Ms. Murphy's job for 50% of her present salary, and it wont cost Hoover any "money and time" to find me. Please reply via e-mail courtesy of 280living.com.

How does the Hoover School Board justify blowing this kind of money on a Superintendent? It seems the Hoover School Board - and not the students - need random drug testing.

Ramone Babek more than 1 year ago

280 Living