Hoover schools consider prohibiting racist language by students off campus



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Off campus discipline

Being African-American myself, I certainly believe that no student should use racist or homophobic language. But I do have a problem with the school asserting that it has the authority to police what students say off campus. If a student is wearing a school jersey or is participating in a school event, or representing the school at an activity, then you can understand. But students should not give up their right of free speech...even despicable speech, if they choose...just because it may not be the kind of speech that the school prefer. (Especially when the student is off campus and it is after school hours, and they are not on any school activity.)
And is it going to be enforced as evenly as possible? My nephew sometimes uses horrible language because he's singing along..."rapping" along might be more accurate...with some rap song that uses racist language and says some of the most disgusting things. Will he be liable to be punished as well?
I guess what bothers me is that I don't believe a school system has the right...or SHOULD have the right...to expect students to give up their right to free speech when they're off campus and not on any school activity.
Others, of course, are free to disagree.

LaKeisha Jackson 319 days ago

Bravo Ms. Jackson

So well said in the comment by Ms. Jackson. I heartily agree with her perspective.

Meridith 319 days ago

Free speech

Amen Ms Jackson the school really does not have the right to monitor a student off campus unless they are taking part in a school activity. That’s the parents job

Bonnie Phelan 319 days ago

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