Shelby County Schools plan ‘proactive response’ in regard to national school walkout



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Why would you bring students from OTHER schools to this walkout? It it not a public event and should only be for the OMHS students. If the community wants to put together a public event to protest gun violence, then they are absolutely free to do so. Having random people show up on the school campus uninvited is not a good idea.

Betsy more than 1 year ago

The point of the walkout

The point of a walkout is to show the community how the students feel about the deaths and the lack of protection. Can that be done from a hallway? Can that be done from an auditorium? Sorry, saying it was a safety issue does not work. How do the students arrive and leave school if not via the outdoors. Personally I have no respect for the administration and will be voicing it in my free speech sigm on March 24
Lsting the names of the adults that supported gun deaths with their refusal to allow the right to protest.

Martine more than 1 year ago

The point of the walkout

I'm sorry, but I don't think it's fair to accuse school personnel of supporting gun deaths by not allowing protests that meet your definition of such. It isn't their fault that students lives were cut short. It's totally the fault of the killer.

D. Womack more than 1 year ago

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