Hilltop Montessori

Photo courtesy of Hilltop Montessori.

Hilltop Montessori School in Mt Laurel would like to be the “only school we know of to harvest and serve organic lunches.” Every day, students get their snacks from the 18 gardens the school tends on its grounds. more


October Yard of the Month

Photo courtesy of Liz Jones.

The October Yard of the Month is the home of David and Laurie Harres. more


I lost an old friend today. It was hard to say goodbye. Okay, before you start sending cards and flowers, I probably should tell you that my old friend was an apple tree. more

Rick Watson 1 Comments

0411 Wild Bird Center

Photo by Kathryn Acree.

Who doesn’t love the idea of lovely birds to make an even lovelier backyard? Why does it seem that all your efforts to be kind to your fine, feathered friends results in a lot of full-tummied squirrels instead? more


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