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Every human is flawed and imperfect, yet God loves us anyway. Even on our worst days, He loves us at maximum capacity Read more

Kari Kampakis

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Photos courtesy of Randy Hemphill.

Hemphill published his second book, “The Restored Man,” in 2019, which details his journey from being a religious man to a restored man and provides a process to help men grow both spiritually and emotionally. Read more


The purpose of prayer isn’t to manipulate God or treat Him like a magic genie, but to deepen our relationship with Him. Read more

Kari Kampakis

They say God’s grace comes when you need it and not a moment sooner, and I think this explains how my heart began to thaw when I saw Camille, heard her cry and felt the doctor lay her 6-pound body on my chest. Read more

Kari Kampakis

I find it interesting (and somewhat crazy) that Americans will pack stadiums and pour money into a sport that revolves around one ball. Many people care more passionately about who dominates that one ball than they do eternal matters. Read more

Kari Kampakis

God planted in us a desire to be with Him. Only in heaven will we feel perfect peace and happiness. Until we reach our final destination, we must learn to live with the inner voids that create a longing for eternity. Read more

Kari Kampakis

For our children to know, love and understand God, it’s important that we take them to church, share Scripture, cultivate character and encourage healthy relationships. Read more

Kari Kampakis

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