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Photo by Sarah Finnegan.

Teachers in the five Chelsea schools will soon be receiving the funds requested for items for their classrooms and schools through the newly implemented Nick Grant Program. Read more

Chelsea Schools

The grant committee has approved 118 applications for over $110,000. Read more



Photo by Erin Nelson.

If the Hoover City Council had not raised sales, use, leasing and lodging taxes last year, city revenues from those taxes likely would have declined this fiscal year, city records now indicate. Read more



Photos by Jon Anderson.

A counter-proposal to the mayor’s plan cuts the sales tax increase in half. Read more

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Jefferson County distribution to schools 9-20-17

Photo courtesy of Grady Thornton

The money was part of $69 million of unspent proceeds from the county's previous education sales and use tax that was divided among the county's 12 school districts. Read more

Hoover Schools

Stadium Trace Village site 8-29-17

Photo by Jon Anderson

Two developments are part of the Trace Crossings community, and the third is the shopping center in Riverchase slated to gain a Whole Foods Market. Read more


Alabama shoppers can expect to find back to school deals the first weekend of August. The eighth annual sales tax holiday will take place from Aug. 2-4. Read more


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