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But what nobody can take away is her status as a child of God and the promise of heaven she is given through a relationship with Jesus. Read more

Kari Kampakis


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This book is about a mother’s journey, doing the heart work and the legwork necessary to help us be more intentional, empathetic and effective parents who can grow (and keep) a relationship with our children as they age and mature. Read more

Kari Kampakis

Experts say it takes 21 days to form a habit, and while discipline and commitment can make a habit stick, the real engine for success is God’s grace. Following are some habits your family can adopt to keep the school year crazy under control. Read more

Kari Kampakis

Trusting God away from home gets easier with practice. It’s something that all children learn at some point, whether they’re going off to camp, college or a new career. Read more

Kari Kampakis

We never outgrow our need for our mom, and only when they’re gone can we see their deep imprint on our lives. We miss their voice, their touch and the way they loved us like no one else on the planet. Read more

Kari Kampakis

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