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Unbelievably Unsafe

The fact that you find dishes or laundry to involve more multitasking than driving says frightening things about the state of our driving public.

In an ideal world one would recognize that piloting 6000lbs of steel down the road in close proximity to other drivers and pedestrians would require more attention than doing the dishes or laundry. After all, five seconds of distraction at the sink means you waste a fraction of a gallon of water, and possibly drop a dish. In the car going 45mph, five seconds of a good belly laugh because you love that joke they just said means that you've covered the length of a football field while distracted.

You've got three mirrors and three windows to check on a regular basis so you can maintain awareness of all the obstacles within a few hundred feet of you. You've got a speedometer to mind, plus occasional checks on things like fuel and operating temperature. You've got to maintain awareness of where you are in town to avoid getting lost - which is damn inconvenient, of course, but also dangerous if you're going to start messing with GPS or paying more attention to road signs than traffic while you try to recover.

Doesn't mean you can't speak to a passenger - but it sure isn't the place to be considering deep bonding with the kids. Keep it light, and maintain expectations that they are only receiving a fraction of your attention for the sake of everyone's safety. Carve out some time at home for them to make up for the "lost" time focusing on safe driving - they deserve it.

They definitely deserve far more than you prioritizing your house cleaning over little things like safe driving.

Concerned Fellow Driver more than 2 years ago

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