280 intersection improvements revealed



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I agree with Dwight. Huntsville's solution was cheaper and didn't kill off the businesses in the area like an elevated highway certainly would. I lived in Florida for many years and saw where tollways worked and where they didn't. While a tollway or elevated road would improve traffic flow, it will certainly kill the 280 community as we know it long term.

in hindsight, perhaps 459 should have been built further east (using the valleydale or 119 right of way). Would be interested to see what a "659" concept (connecting to 20 and 65) could do using the Hwy 43 right of way.

Tony Mauro more than 5 years ago

Hwy 280 Planned Improvements

The overpass system build on Memorial Parkway in Huntsville AL has been a huge success. It makes a significant improvement in speed for those who just need to pass through since there are no lights or slow downs. It also keeps full access to all of the businesses along the roadway. Much cheaper than a full elevated highway with more on off access.

Dwight McPeak more than 6 years ago

Hwy 280 Planned Improvements

I agree with and will reiterate several comments submitted previously to 280 Living:

My mind cannot comprehend spending $12 million to "save 3 to 5 minutes" of drive time." It's just not worth the money. There has to be a better solution.

Light sequencing would be a big help...surely somebody can figure out the timing better than it is being done now.

Over-under ramps seem like a great idea for the busiest intersections, whereby cross traffic is neatly handled in two-way, four lane strips, at much less cost and more appealing than the elevated solution that would span the entire length. This would keep major traffic flowing without slowing down or stopping at the major intersections.

I, too, don't understand why police and wreckers leave stalled/wrecked cars in a line of traffic for longer than necessary. We have witnessed times when they selfishly park their cars in a line of traffic, even after the accident is cleared, when an alternative place is available.

Question: Many residents and commuters were not able to make the earlier ALDOT meeting. Can the comments submitted on this website and printed in 280 Living be forwarded to ALDOT for consideration?

Donna McGukin more than 6 years ago

280 Living