Alabama Supreme Court rules in favor of Trinity relocation

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I wonder if the Anti-Trinity Hospital folks think we're idiots in geography? They claim that Trinity's move to 280 will make the poor suffer. Of course, they fail to mention that Trinity is currently smack dab in the middle of the Mt Brook area ( altho in Birmingham city limits). And all this talk about the tax base is a big fail too as the hospital will STILL be in the city limits. With no hospital at all south of Brookwood Medical Center and St Vincents, guess where the folks in Shelby have to go without the newly approved hospital on 280? Yep. Brookwood and St Vincents. And where do the people go in the area vacated by Trinity? Gee! St.Vincent's East Hospital. So all this is about keeping everybody going to the most expensive hospitals in the area. Well that and keeping lawyers busy for 4 years on this no brainer of a solution. What a waste

Chuck St John more than 5 years ago

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