ALDOT extends comment deadline for 280 proposals



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NO u-turns !!!

Again today I drove this road several times - could not help but notice how many cars were making a left turn from 280 (coming from the down town direction) - do you plan to add an another lane for making a "U-TURN" ?? Also - you would need to make "2" right turn lanes going onto 280 - with one lane just to make the U-TURN -remember, you would have to cross several lanes to make this u-turn & another lane for people actually making a right turn to go down 280 !!!! Have you people driven this road - if not - you need to do so at all times of day - when someone is killed due to this crazy idea - you may then realize it was a mistake !!! I only hope it's not me or my loved ones involved when accidents happen - AND THEY WILL HAPPEN !!! ~

Ann Chase more than 6 years ago

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