Be prepared for U.S. 280 intersection changes

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280Living Staff: A few corrections...1) Inverness Parkway southbound already has 2 left turn lanes, so there is no left-turn lane being added. 2) direct travel across 280 at Brook Highland Pkwy/Meadow Brook Drive is not being least not according to the ALDOT map.

Thanks for the summary. Looking forward to the construction being completed. I think this will be good for traffic flow, or at least should not make it worse.

Donny more than 6 years ago

It's the best ALDOT could do . . .

Because local communities have shot down every other idea ALDOT had (ie. elevated hwy), I think it's the best solution. SOMETHING had to be done to try to minimize traffic on 280 -especially with the addition of a new hospital. People were going to complain without construction and people are going complain with construction. Either way, something had to be done with the increased traffic.

Bob more than 6 years ago

280 Intersection @ Dolly Ridge

I just drove the Dolly Ridge / 280 intersection Wednesday. Unless further change is expected the straight across is still there. Yes, there are 3 left turning lanes but ALDOT added an additional lane to maintain the straight across. This agrees with the proposed plans shown on the ALDOT still has posted on their website. Please either correct your article - or confirm that ALDOT has changed the plan

US280 driver more than 6 years ago


This is a stupid and terrible "solution" to the 280 traffic problems. It will be a nightmare and will negatively effect every business and homeowner that lives off 280. It will be extremely difficult to get anywhere! TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE idea!

John more than 6 years ago

This IS Terrible

Unlike folks who are on 280 to get to work and return home to their neighborhoods, I LIVE in Inverness and have to cross 280 as part of my home life. Groceries, gas, doctors, the vet - everything people in my neighborhood need to access is on both sides of 280. We already have to deal with commuter madness. This will make accessing living resources more difficult. NOT in the best interests of business owners and home owners who live in the 280 communities. Shame on ALDOT for not finding a better solution.

Andie more than 6 years ago


So what are you trying to say?? The people who live in your neighborhoods are the ones clogging up 280 in the first place. I don't undrstand the "commuter" comments simply because once you get past AL 119 the traffic congestion is is pretty much gone. That's not too far from Inverness Pkwy. All the traffic signals is why the cars pile up now. The real solution is to extend the frontage roads from the Cahaba river bridge to AL 119 but that has already been blasted down. I live in Chelsea and regularly visit this area. It's going to take some getting used to but I think considering the reluctance of the people in the area to do anything at all about this it is just about the best idea.

Mario more than 6 years ago

Not Many Options

It is not terrible, it is about the only choice they have. I have no doubt some of the best engineering minds have studied this issue for decades. The new system is normal in many places around the country. I live around the Inverness area also and believe this will be better. The next choice would be something like an elevated roadway. I can tell you, I do not want that in my neighborhood. People hate change but this should be helpful.

Tim more than 6 years ago

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