Drivers brace for effects of ALDOT’s Intersection Improvement Plan



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Highway 280

I totally disagree. I don't think these changes are in the best interest in the "majority" of the people. This was to save people 2 to 3 minutes (really, wow that's all) but only if you travel from Inverness all the way to the end of 280 in Homewood. I think the majority of us get off/on 280 at the 459 intersection, so this cluster of a mess will save us 1 minute? We are loosing all these left hand turn signals to save 2 or 3 minutes??? I call it pure crazy. I feel sorry for the businesses on 280 because I plan on going I65 now and stay away from 280. I will now go to Alabaster or Hoover to these same type businesses.

Cherise Morris more than 6 years ago

go for it

i hope more people do like you and take 65, cherise. then i'll save even more time on 280. ;)

Doug more than 6 years ago

Highway 280

I travel from Inverness downtown everyday for work, and I can already see a positive change in the way 280 flows, even without all the changes being completed. I think people should give ALDOT a chance, and realize that these changes are in the best interest of the majority of people that use Highway 280 during rush hour traffic.

Amy Tunmire more than 6 years ago

280 Living