Winn-Dixie signs lease for Inverness Corners



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Inverness Corners Winn Dixie

So glad to hear that Winn Dixie is coming to Inverness Corners! It's about time that people around here realized that Publix is not the Holy Grail of grocery stores!!! If more people realized how Publix mistreated some of their employees, alot of folks wouldn't give them a dime! Their P.R. department does a great job of making the general public think it's like shopping at Disneyland,,,far from it! I hope Winn Dixie is a huge success at Inverness Corners, and takes as much money out of Publix's wallet as possible!

Kimberly Atherton more than 5 years ago

Yay for you!

When we moved to the Inverness area in 1991, we had the convenience of TWO grocery stores at that corner!
BOTH stores closed and we were lost!
We've moved to the Atlanta area almost 2 years ago. There are grocery stores on EVERY corner!
I'm so excited for you!

Cheryl Kelley more than 5 years ago

Winn Dixie at Inverness Corners

The landlord is sensitive to the needs of his wallet. Do you know if:

a) Belle Foods Wanted to go there at all?
b) Belle Foods would have paid the most to lease it?
c) the community actually preferred Belle Foods?

I'm just glad to see a grocery store going in there. If it can't be another Publix, anything else will just have to do.

Bill more than 5 years ago

Caldwell Mill Closing ?

Will the Caldwell/Valleydale store close? Only 4 miles away . . . .

Dave more than 5 years ago

Winn Dixie

Yea! I'm so glad we are going to have a grocery store there again. It will help me avoid 280 traffic. When will it open?

Jo Ann Davis more than 5 years ago

Winn Dixie at Inverness Corners

Another Winn Dixie? We wanted a Belle Foods!! How could the Landlord be so insensitive to the wants of the community around their shopping center?

Jason Jones more than 5 years ago

280 Living