Pelotoni’s thriving in Chelsea




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Wonderful dinner

My husband and I ate at Pelotoni's Saturday night. I am not usually relaxed when I eat out, because I cook, and I am very picky about my food. Food eaten out should be at least as good as what I can cook myself. Well, this was better. Much better. It was just a wonderful perfect dinner, followed by a perfect dessert. Thank you Pelatonis!

Louise Neighbours more than 5 years ago

Pelotoni's Italian Restaurant

The food was excellent and having wine with it was perfect! Heidi's desserts bring back memories of desserts made by my Italian relatives...they are wonderful. I've been to several Italian restaurants in Ft. Myers, FL and none are as good as Pelotoni's. Looking forward to my next visit and choosing what Italian meal I'll enjoy.

Joan Kreckman more than 6 years ago

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