Chelsea teen to appear on The Voice



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Mary on the voice

Good luck mary! your high school is rooting for you! <3

Brandon more than 6 years ago


We know your father & grand parents Elvin & Jen they are very proud we will pull for you. Good luck.

CHARLES & JOANNE PARKER more than 6 years ago

Chelsea Teen to apprear on the Voice

Mary Padgett is our precious grand-daughter. She is the most special young lady you will ever meet. She is very spiritual and it is amazing to sit and talk to to her about her faith and her love for Jesus. She is very grounded her in belief and is willing to share with anyone who will listen. Mary is also a very good student and is involved in many school activites. She performed with the Alabama State Choir when she was 14 years old, and did an amazing job. Mary is well liked by everyone that has the pleasure of meeting her and being around her. Being involved with The Voice is an awesome opportunity for a very deserving young lady. She will make Jacksonville NC (her birth place), and Chelsea Ala, proud if she is afforded the opportunity to appear on the Voice.

Virginia & Elvin Padgett more than 6 years ago

The Voice

Mary I will be praying that what is Gods will be done. I will be looking for you on TV one of the kids made Best of luck to you and your familey. Love Aunt Brenda.

Brenda Young more than 6 years ago

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