Tony’s Spaghetti House

Brook Highland Plaza

5267 Highway 280, Birmingham, Alabama 35242

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I hope they can really get their act together here. I think as people they mean well, but as a business they are hopeless, at least Leonardo's in Cahaba Heights was a complete fail. Good Luck

Dr. Gonzo more than 7 years ago

Tony Falleta

Tony Falleta went to prison for mob activity . He then lost his law license. This store is just a front for mob acitivity.

Peter Smith more than 5 years ago

Complete Garbage Peter Smith

Really? You obviously don't know anything about that incident. It wasn't "mob activity," and it was more than 30 years ago. My friends the Falletta's work extremely hard to earn an honest living in the cut-throat restaurant industry. Tony III and IV are some of the kindest, most Christian people on the planet.

If you choose to remove my comment, also remove "Peter Smith's".

Neil Peart more than 3 years ago

Enjoyable visit

Ate at Tony's this past Saturday and enjoyed it very much as I did when it was Leonardo's. Will certainly be back. Not sure I saw any spaghetti on the menu but that would be a nice twist for sure with some delicious meatballs. Just a suggestion. By the way had a great waiter to.. Very timely and kept our glasses full.

RDH more than 7 years ago

Tony's Spaggetti House

was so sad when Leonardo's closed but thrilled to learn the Falletta's have just moved site and are keeping a lot of their specialties as well as the atmosphere...

lu braswell more than 7 years ago

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