1012 Stack Candles

Photo courtesy of Emily Kicklighter Photography.

It is not uncommon to find Stephanie Lloyd taking a few moments out of her busy day as a stay-at-home mom to light a candle. But to Lloyd, a lit candle means so much more than a simple flame. Read more


Amy Armstrong wasn’t looking for a business venture when she picked up a new hobby, but her creativity combined with an eye for a good find have turned into a thriving vintage jewelry line. Read more


0612 Sweet Melissa's Sauces

Photo by Allie Klaubert.

When Beth Thomas needs a little extra flavor in her dishes, she reaches for a sauce that her family has made for years— a sauce so popular among family and friends she has shared its spunky, Southern flavor with others. ­­ Read more


Walking through the door of Attic Antiques spurs on memories of a by-gone era. Every piece of furniture, quilt or small trinket holds the story of its previous owner. Read more


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