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Hoover council 5-3-18

Photo by Jon Anderson

Some council members say they think more research needs to be done before action is taken and pressed for more cuts to expenses. more

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Hoover council 4-16-18.jpg

Photo by Sarah Finnegan

A financial consultant has told city leaders the city is headed for years of deficit budgets and no money for capital projects if something is not done to boost revenues or cut expenses. more


Frank Brocato 4-16-18

Still shot from video by Jon Anderson

Mayor Frank Brocato asked the council to work with him to address projected budget deficits by the council's June 4 meeting. more

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City of Hoover logo - council chambers.png

Photo by Jon Anderson

The city could have a $17.9 million funding gap by 2022 if more is not done to cut expenses or address sluggish tax revenues, a financial consultant from Porter, White & Co. said. more


Hoover school board 9-14-15.jpg

Photo by Jon Anderson

School board members said they're not happy about another budget deficit but will give new Superintendent Kathy Murphy time to look for ways to cut costs and potentially increase revenue. more

Hoover Schools

Hoover school budget hearing 9-10-15.jpg

(Photo by Jon Anderson)

Residents must decide what they want their school system to offer and if they are willing to pay for it, Kathy Murphy said. more

Hoover Schools

School officials tonight will present their 2016 budget proposal in the first of two budget hearings. A vote is expected Monday. more


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