Greystone Elementary

Carol McLaughlin 12-14-17 (4)

Photo by Jon Anderson

McLaughlin teaches second grade at Greystone Elementary School. more

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Cars 4 Classrooms.jpg

Courtesy of Cars 4 Classrooms

During the fundraisers, community members were able to test drive cars. With each test drive, $10 was donated to the school. more

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Photo by Sydney Cromwell.

There’s a story behind each face that walks through the halls of Greystone Elementary. By the end of the school year, art teacher Blue Horn hopes to know all of them. more

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Photos by Sydney Cromwell.

In September, Greystone debuted its “exergaming” physical education program, which uses a Nintendo Wii and a dance video game to help students stay active. more

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Find out what motivates this year's group of PTO presidents. more


The proposed  realignment for Greystone Elementary.

Photo courtesy of Hoover City Schools.

To accommodate the continual growth within the city of Hoover, the Board of Education has released a breakdown of a proposed realignment plan for the 2015-2016 school year. Greystone Elementary only stands to gain from the proposed changes. more

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As a representative of nearly 20,000 active, retired and pre-service music teachers and 10,000 honor students and supporters from 11 southern states, she will serve on the National Executive Board from 2014-2020. more

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Greystone Mercedes Kids Marathon 2014

Photo courtesy of Leta Holt / Greystone Elementary.

This year, led by PE teachers Leta Holt and Rand Payton, Greystone Elementary boasts its largest number of students participating in the kids’ portion of the Mercedes Marathon. more


Hoover LEGO clubs

Photo courtesy of Jason Gaston / Hoover City Schools.

This is the system’s third year to hold challenges among LEGO Clubs. Through its grant program, the Hoover City Schools Foundation has provided funding for much of the equipment. more

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Third graders in Lana Murphy’s class at Greystone Elementary recently spent time teaching second graders in Jennifer Broom’s class about the “Engaged Learning Initiative” using Nook tablets from Barnes and Noble. more

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