Her cousin introduced us. Her name was Jilda. We talked after her set, and I could tell there was something special about her. Read more

Rick Watson

Undone Redone

Photo courtesy of Melody Lovvorn.

Melody and Tray Lovvorn know how to turn something bad into something good. For the past seven years, they have been helping couples try to save their marriages after infidelity. Read more


Chelsea residents share journey of overcoming hardship, strengthening their relationship and creating LIFE Ministries, a nonprofit organization committed to restoring the hearts of men and women. Read more

People/Places 1 Comments

When my sister got engaged years ago, she made an observation that I’ve since realized is very true. “So many people are negative about marriage,” she said. “When I say I’m engaged, they want to tell me how terrible it is.” Read more

Kari Kampakis 1 Comments

That’s Life By Paul Johnson Read more

Paul Johnson

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