Meadow Brook

Forehand Bivens

Photos courtesy of Jefferson County Jail

Police say the same two men robbed the BB&T Bank branch on Meadow Brook Road on both June 7 and June 27, plus a Regions Bank in Graysville on June 27. more


Meadow Brook bank robbery 6-7-18 (2)

Photo courtesy of Hoover Police Department

But this time, authorities have arrested suspects and say they are the same men who robbed the bank on June 7. more


The robbery occurred at 3:42 p.m. Thursday. more


Goddard School Earth Week 1

Photo courtesy of The Goddard School

The children planted gardens, learned about insects, played recycling games and more. more

Private Schools

Meadow Brook North

Meadow Brook North, off of US-280 in Hoover, will be up for auction later this month. more


The Meadow Brook Homeowner’s Association made a donation to each Oak Mountain school zoned in the Meadow Brook neighborhood. more

Oak Mountain Schools

One Meadow Brook resident is using her voice to make a difference this holiday season. more


The 5K and 1-mile Fun Run have been part of Meadow Brook’s Christmas traditions for 19 years, and about 400 runners and 150 sponsors participated in the 2012 race. more


Marlene Lee welcomes those without friends or family to celebrate Christmas with her in her Meadow Brook home. more


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