Hoover City Council ponders how to address projected budget deficits



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Hoover separation of School and State

I applaud Former Hoover Councilman Jody Patterson's reasoned plea made against the never-ending escalation of demands from Government Schools.

Remember: they are NOT 'Public' Schools. They are GOVERNMENT Schools. And, Jody had the guts to say what we all know we need: "Separation of SCHOOL and State.

The first bold and necessary step will be for all Hoover residents without children - or who have not placed their children 'in loco parentis'* of Government Schools - is to demand a staged replacement of those schools by private schools or home-schooling.

Just as the USA and Russia used diplomatic talks to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons to our world, we must use the same techniques to reduce the treat of Government Schools to our fiscal soundness.

Think of it as 'SALT' (Schools' Absolute Limitation Talks) followed by 'START' (Schools' Alternative and Reduction Talks).

In my 21 April 2018 reader response, I asked, "When will Hoover go bankrupt ... ?" The Hoover City Council fails to grasp that raising Hoover's Sales Tax is just the next step down this road which has no turns.

Instead, if we can separate Hoover from its schools, we might be able to pull Hoover back from its fiscal brink.

*("In loco parentis": Latin; "in place of a parent" refers to legal responsibility of a person or organization to take on functions/responsibilities of a parent; wikipedia 'dot' org/wiki/In_loco_parentis).

Ramone Babek 292 days ago

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